Chapter 0.1: The Journey Begins

A Preview of "Brewing the Way"

One Night On The “L”

The Most Eventful
Train Ride Of My Life




By: Tim Stiffler-Dean

Author of Brewing The Way

“At 1:30 in the morning, the train’s creaking and groaning was keeping me awake….”

The chapter you are about to read comes from the earliest outlines of what will soon be my first published book, Brewing The Way

This short, true story had originally been in the plans to become one of the final chapters of the book, but sadly it did not have the structure or format I desired and built into the other chapters. For this reason I have decided to never publish it in an official capacity, but instead am proud to share it with you, right now, as a “Thank you” for being an early supporter of my foray into the writer’s lifestyle.

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